Eastern Shore Community Services Board provides comprehensive mental health services to the citizens of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
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Prevention Services

The Eastern Shore Community Services Board (ESCSB) Office of Prevention Services provides primary substance abuse prevention services to youth ages 3-17 and their parents through a variety of community and school based programs and activities intended to support families and youth experiencing high levels of risk.


The risk of developing problem behaviors including use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs increases significantly among youth and families who are experiencing social isolation, academic failure, financial stressors and single-parenthood.

Research shows that prevention programs effectively steer children away from destructive behaviors through early childhood and family strengthening parenting initiatives; mentoring and health education programs and experiential opportunities.

Participation criteria for primary substance abuse prevention services deem that eligible youth and adults can not be in treatment or have a pre-existing and/or active mental, emotional, behavioral or substance use disorder. Prevention services are a pre-cursory course of services that seek to prevent future disorders and are not appropriate for persons with past or present psychological and/or behavioral disorders.

Application and Enrollment

An application process is required to enroll in all ESCSB Prevention Services and Programs.

Applications for ESCSB Prevention Services are received via recruitment efforts and referrals. Self-referrals are also accepted. Eligible applicants or referral sources can call the ESCSB Office of Prevention directly to request an application for services or walk-in for an application.

All applicants will be notified in writing and by phone regarding their application status.

A full application process may include a follow-up visit by ESCSB Prevention staff to assist with completing the application process and determine each individual's eligibility for services. A new application is required each time enrollment in a new or different program is requested.

Enrollment is based on federally approved criteria for Substance Abuse Prevention Services, program capacity and individual eligibility. For family-based programs, both youth and parent must meet program eligibility requirements.

All ESCSB Prevention services and programming are funded via state and/or federal substance abuse prevention funds which provide the cost of services to each eligible participant.

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