Eastern Shore Community Services Board provides comprehensive mental health services to the citizens of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
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Board of Directors


Board Membership

The Board of Directors for Eastern Shore Community Services Board is comprised of nine members. These members are appointed by the Northampton County Supervisors and the Accomack County Supervisors.

There are six (6) board members appointed from Accomack County and three (3) board members appointed from Northampton County.

Terms are staggered to ensure a smooth transition as new board members join and those with expiring terms depart. Each term is three years and board members are allowed to serve up to three 3-year terms.


Board of Directors



Mr. Richard L. Hubbard - Chairperson

Mr. Robert J. Bloxom - Vice Chair

Mr. Dee N. Fitch - Treasurer

Ms. Joan Wilson - Secretary

Ms. Marva Lin Annis

Mrs. Gina Crockett

Dr. John D. Ogram

Ms. Sandy Taylor

Ms. Gina Bowden Williams

Meeting Announcements

The board meets regularly on the second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 a.m.

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Special Meetings














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